Meet Baby Neno, 8 months old and only child to both his parents. Neno suffers from the following disorders:

  1. Cleft Palate (A birth defect where the lip and mouth did not form correctly during surgery which means Neno has to be fed formula through a feeding tube in his nostrils. He cannot be breastfed). He also has trouble digesting his milk and requires suppositories to help him pass his food.
  2. Short neck
  3. Monorchism (having only one testicle within scrotum)
  4. Congenital heart disease

Usually the Doctor would start a series of surgeries to correct these issues but due to his age he is unable to have surgery until the age of 1. Currently Neno is under the Thai Health Care System (30 baht per month) however he will require medicine after his surgery that is not available in Thailand and must be ordered from Europe.

Due to COVID, his father is now unemployed and due to Neno requiring full time care his mother is unable to work. If you are able to help him he requires the following items:

  • S-26 Formula Purple Tin, Stage 1. (this may change as he gets older)
  • Small sized diapers with the Tape (not nappy pants)
  • Feeding tube size 8 (Tube must be changed fortnightly)
  • Clothes Detergent for Baby (Sensitive Skin)

This family is using 30Baht for all treatment (which’s providing to all Thai citizens) but if there’s special medicine not on the free treatment list, the mother has to pay but at the moment the mother doesn’t know yet because the treatment hasn’t started (will start when the baby is 1 year old )